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Combo Charger

An integrated AC and DC Electric Vehicle Charging Station.
DC fast charger supporting multiple standards as: AC Type 2, CCS 2, CHAdeMO,

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  • General Introduction
  • Technical specifications
  • ■ DC fast charger supporting multiple standards as: AC Type 2, CCS 2, CHAdeMO, 

    ■ Two simultaneous outputs: DC power up to 60 kW (CCS or CHAdeMO), AC power up to 44 kW

    ■ Reliable, robust, modular hardware

    ■ Daylight readable touch screen display

    ■ Supports open communication protocol OCPP 1.6 and up

    ■ RFID authorization

    ■ Payment Option includes Credit Card, NFC, Smart-phone APP with Back-end

    ■ Low operational noise, low standby power consumption

    ■ Simple, quick and easy installation

    ■ Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor applications (IP54). 

  • Input
    Voltage 400 VAC ±10% / 3 Phase + N + PE 
    Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Power Factor ≥ 0.98
    ≤ 5%
    Connector  AC Type 2   CCS 2  CHAdeMO
    Charging power  44 kW  60 kW 60 kW
    Voltage 400 VAC ±10%  200750 VDC 200~500 VDC
    Current 63A, 3 Phase 0~125A 0~125A
    Efficiency ≥ 95.5%     
    Connection Case Case C    
    Cable Length 5 meter
    Cooling method Cooling methodForced air cool 
    Protection Level IP54
    Dimension 700(W) × 450(D) × 1900(H) mm
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