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E-Bike Charging Station(3)

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  • General Introduction
  • Technical specifications
  • 1. Extensive support for a wide range of charging devices.

    2. Multi -layer safety protection.

    3. Electric bicycle, electric scooter,electric skateboard.

    4. Daily consumption statistics available by back-end management system


  • HMI Interface

    Smart Phone APP with backend


    Payment Option

    Credit Card, RFID Card, Phone APP with backend

    Input Voltage

    50 / 60 Hz

    Single Port Power

    800 W

    System Total Power

    4000 W


    Single port or total power limitation, short circuit

    Charge Port




    Dimension (mm)

    1630(W) x 52(D) x 160(H) (mm)

    Product model

    ANAC13-220 V / 4A-55 / 3Z


    Mobile interfance
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